The Spiders are designed as a compliment to the most popular jig trailers fished in western reservoirs. They mimic the common forage found in these bodies of water. Instead of wasting a whole hula grub just switch out your matching trailer or mix it up for a different look. Designed to be subtle in color to blend in a natural fashion.  Head sizes are 1/4 oz. 3/0 hook, 3/8 oz. 3/0 hook, 1/2 oz. 4/0 hook,  3/4 oz. 5/0 hook and one ounce 5/0 hook. These jigs have caught countless large fish in the California's Motherlode reservoirs. Full jig descriptions on Pro Guide Jigs page.
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Jeremy Pitts and Michael Cantu with a 12-5 largemouth caught on a Sulpin jig